Friday Film Recommendations: April 15th

Happy Friday All!
It’s another week of random picks for your viewing pleasure.
So get your computers and other streaming devices queue up for this week’s FFR selections.

Here’s what’s available over at


A widow finds a disturbing  snuff porn in her late husband’s stash. She hires  P.I. Tom Welles to determine if it’s real or not. Welles ventures in the underground world of porn and falls deep into the truth behind the film and everyone involved.
This is a spiffy little flick that explores the dark side to porn.
Joe’s Apartment
Ok so young people don’t know this but back in the day MTV used to show actual music videos and every now in then they would show tv shows and shorts in between. One such short was about a young guy living in a roach infested apartment. They all had a chill relationship until Joe tries to bring a girl home…dun dun dunnn.
This full-length feature based on the short is basically the same story only with more stuff going on and ew gross more roaches.

The Langoliers
Nine passengers on a red eye flight to L.A. wake up to find that the other passengers and flight crew have disappeared. They land the plane at a deserted airport and find that they are trapped in between time.
They learn that creatures, known as the Langoliers, eat up the remains of the past and the group must find a way back to their time before the Langoliers catch up with them. Dun dun dunnn.

Red Dragon
With the help of Hannibal Lector, a retired FBI agent tracks down a mysterious serial killer known as the “Tooth Fairy.”
This is a great and super freaky prequel to Silence of the Lambs

Twin Peaks: The Complete Series
Dear Netflix,
Thank you so much for streaming this fantastically odd, yet intriguing, yet weird, yet weirdly awesome show because I’ve always been too lazy to buy it.

The body of teenager Laura Palmer washes up on the beach near the small town of Twin Peaks. A quirky FBI agent brought in to investigate her death. The agent adapts to the town’s intrigue and zany characters while unfolding the mystery behind Laura’s death.
This is one of my favorite works of David Lynch and though unfortunately I saw the movie before the tv show, they are both damn amazing.

Here’s my pick from
After her son goes missing, a woman’s fragile mental state is amplified once she meets a former veteran with insect issues.

Have a great weekend everyone!

One thought on “Friday Film Recommendations: April 15th

  1. I ended up watching the entire first season and the opening of season two of Twin Peaks last weekend, it was so addicting! I am excited that I get to watch more this Saturday.

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