Friday Film Recommendations: April 8th

It’s Friday folks!

Get your computers, XBox, Wii, and other streaming devices ready for this week’s FFR selection. 

Here are a few titles available on Instant Watch 

Escape from New York

Set in the future…of 1997! New York has been isolated as a maximum security  prison. The President lands there on accident and it’s up to Snake Pissken, a condemned former war hero to bust him out. 

This film is a great example that John Carpenter has the ability to branch off from horror and make a spiffy action film.  

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When the freak outcast at school kills someone in front of a bunch of girls, they end up scarred for life.

Years later the girl reunite for a wedding and try to put that freako Milo behind them…too bad he’s back and all up their face! 

Crap at it’s glorious finest. 

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Hot Tub Time Machine

It’s a Hot Tub..and it turns into a time machine….that goes to the 80’s…need I say more?

As cheesy as the premise may seem, this movie is so very, oh so effin’ hilarious! 

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The Virgin Suicides

Set in the 70’s and based on a book, a group of boys become transfixed with sisters in their neighborhood. The girls become cut off from the world after the suicide of their youngest sister. Through phone tag song plays and passing notes, the boys become the girls only source of communication outside of their prison home. 

This is one of my favorite indie films and ohh what a beautiful soundtrack as well. 

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Eureka: Season 1

A U.S. Marshall is stranded in a quirky little town that is a part of government secrets and mysteries. 

This light-hearted yet witty show reminds me of a mix between Eerie, Indiana and the X-Files. 

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Here’s one of the lastest movies available over at

The Gravedancers

A group of friends party at a graveyard after the death of their friend. Their night of drinking and dancing and get crazy all up in here catches up with them when they are haunted by the fellow ghosts of the graveyard. 

Shit goes down. 

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Have a great weekend all! 

2 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: April 8th

  1. I was a little let down with The Garvedancers; classic case of the preview setting me up for a big fall. Worst part is, the trailer STILL looks cool to me. Oh, what might have been.

    Virgin Suicides is a very well made film, even if it is a bit of a downer.

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