Friday Film Recommendations: April 1st

Happy Friday All! 

Time for this week’s film recommendations…no joke!

Here’s a few choices from Netflix Instant Watch

The Horsemen

A detective is on the case to break the mystery behind gruesome murders based on the biblical prophecy of the Four Horsemen. 

This Seven-esque film delivers on being creepy and awesomely gory. 

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Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs

Who knew that Dan Aykroyd was such a hardcore UFO enthusiast?

This doc explores different theories, eyewitness encounters and other such alien related discussions.  

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A lab explosions give a nerdy kid….telepathic powers! Whaaaa?

Instead of using his powers for good, he uses them to get back at people in school.

It’s like Carrie minus the beautiful carnage. 

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Disney’s Oceans

I can’t deny that I’m such a sea whore. I love all ocean related things and omgz, dolphins are effin’ adorable!

Anyway, this beautiful and educational doc explores sea life. 

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Archer: Season 1

This animated comedy is about Archer, an off-color international spy whom works with his overbearing mother and ex girlfriend.

I’ve only recently checked this show out and it’s effin’ funny ya’ll! 

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Here’s a random choice from’s list of movies

The Deaths of Ian Stone

A dude re-lives the day he is killed over and over again until he can solve the mystery of his death.

Think of it like Groundhog’s Day only with murder…dun dun dunnnnn….

Havea great weekend everyone! 

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