Friday Film Recommendations: March 25th

Happy Friday All! 

Time to queue up your computer or streaming devices and check out what’s available for your viewing pleasures. 

Here’s a few flicks available on Netflix. 

Pinocchio’s Revenge 

A lady lawyer brings home a puppet which is evidence from a brutal murder. Her daughter thinks it’s a birthday present for her and makes it her bff. 

Soon after, shit goes down, people get killed and the question lingers, is it the girl doing it or the puppet… or BOTH!?! Dun dun dunnnnn….

This is the poor man’s Child’s Play but it’s still entertaining and bleh, that puppet freaks me out! 

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This slow burning, yet disturbingly dark Greek film follows the children of an unconventional family. 

The three kids are cut off from the outside world and grow up confined to all the crazy things their parents teach them. 

They play crazy games to pass the time and venture into into more screwed up antics.  

After completing this film, I was left feeling a little icky and yet happy that there’s a level of “normal” that I can consider myself.

I’m adding this film to my list of “Dude, what the fuck did I just watch?” list. 

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Harry and the Henderson 

Returning from a hunting trip, the Henderson accidents run down a strange animal. They discover that they hit a bigfoot! Whhhattt? 

They take it home and find out that he’s all friendly-like so they welcome him into their house and heart. Awww. 

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I had the great pleasure of seeing this for the first time…on the big screen. Yes, worship me! 

Instead of getting into an minor explanation of the film, I’ll simply sum it up by quoting my friend….

Krull is a mix between Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.” 

Enough said. 

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My So-Called Life

Angela deals with the social pressures of trying to of trying to be cool while trying to hook up with her hottie crush, Jordan Catalano. 

I love watching shows like this one and roaming memories of how awkward it was growing up (as I’m still experiencing today.) 

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Here’s one of the latest movies available on

Nightmare Man

A chick gets an Africa fertility mask in order to crank up her sex life. After getting the wrong mask (wa wa) she is attacked by a “Nightmare Man.”

Have a great weekend all! 

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