C2E2: My Journey into Comics

I’m not a big comic book person. Don’t get me wrong, the ones I have read, I’ve loved but the fascinating world of comics overwhelm me.

Prior to this weekend, I’ve only been exposed to Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, The Walking Dead and Creepy.

Over the weekend I was given the amazing opportunity to attend Chicago’s C2E2 event and dive into the comic scene.

The atmosphere of artists sketching, people without shame in costumes and endless amounts of comics and toys made the geeky girl inside of me all excited-like.

Since I’m a hardcore horror movie geek, I thought I’d use my adventure at C2E2 to start opening up myself more to comics. So I’ve decided to work comics into my “all things horror” mix on the blog.

During my trek around the event, I met a lot of talented artists and writers and I even picked up a few books from them so my journey will soon begin with those.

I know some of my readers are comic book fans so feel free to throw your recommendations my way and I’ll jump all on it!

So folks, stand by while I explore the world comics *insert echo here*

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