Friday Film Recommendations: Feb 25th

Happy Friday All!

Time to queue up your streaming devices for a week of new film choices. 

Here are a few selections from NetFlix’s Instant Watch 

Zombie Strippers

Well, you wouldn’t believe what this movie is about ya’ll….strippers…who become…zombies! what what? 

Yes, this silly little movie is summed up in the title but it’s enjoyable on the level of being silly plus Jenna Jameson and Robert Englund are a good combo for a cheese movie. 

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Jason X

Critters did it, the Leprechaun did it, why not have Jason go to space too? Waaa llaaa. 

So it’s 2455 A.D. and after being frozen for whatever many years, Jason is being studied by space kids who want to know more about him. So yeah, they accidentally unfreeze him then supe him up hardcore! 

Bad movie, fun times. 

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The Queen of the Damned

What do you do when you’re a vamp and having nothing but time own your hands? Become a rock star, duh! 

Lestat is a full-on goth rocker and runs into the Queen who wants to take over the world and stuff.

Ok I can’t pretend I liked this movie (no disrespect Aailyah girl!) Ok I can’t pretend that I saw it more than that one time but I have to give the soundtrack some cred so hence because of it I’ll recommending the movie. So take that. 

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MST3K: Teenagers from Outer Space

“Teenage” aliens land on earth. One goes rogue trying to find his place on earth amongst friendly humans, the other tries to kill people who get in his way. 

This cheesy, over the top scifi flick is made better with the help of Joel, Tom Servo and Crrroooowwww. 

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Nothing But Trouble

A few folks plan a trip down to Atlantic City for good ol’ dirty fun but yet take a wrong turn into a creepy town. They endure usual and bizarre punishment for mundane crimes. 

For a tiny odd ball movie, this black comedy reminds me of the Tales from the Crypt episode Let the Punishment Fit the Crime...only this is less gruesome.   

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Penny Dreadful

Penny’s parents died in a terrible car accident when she was young. Growing up, she had a fear of automobiles so her therapist thought it would be an awesome idea to drive her out to the scene the accident to confront her fears. 

Which at first seems like a harmless trip turns deadly when the ladies are stalked by a psycho. Dun dun dunnn. 

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Have a great weekend all! 

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