Friday Film Recommendations Feb 18th

Happy Friday All!

Get ready for another selection of suggestions! 

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Four childhood friends vacationing in a cabin in the woods find themselves apart in the middle of a strange outbreak.

Folks, I have tried, TRIED to sit through this whole movie and yet have been able to accomplish such feat. It took a lot for me to deal with that this such alien outbreak is none other than an ass alien. Yes, an alien that invades your ass. I still can’t even wrap my head around but seeing that it’s now available a la Netflix, I had to recommend it to anyone who wants to.. well that it up the ass.

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Earth Girls are Easy

Valerie is down on her luck when she finds out that her man is cheating on here. Right at her time of feeling lonely, three colorful aliens crash their ship in her backyard pool. 

Val makes the best of her situation while they are stranded and gets them to look all human-like and show them around L.A. 

While trying to teach them the ways of being human, Val starts falling for one of the aliens. Waaa? 

This movie holds dear in my heart under “cheesy 80’s nonsense movies.” 

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Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40

So I’m a super huge Kevin Smith fan. Funny guys get me in the pants and I have to admit, though he does ramble quite a bit…ok a lot, I do enjoy his storytelling.

Kevin rattles on about his experience smoking pot, working on Cop Out and other such things. 

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My Mom’s a Werewolf

A bored housewife is seduced by a sexy werewolf guy and she slowly starts to show symptoms of wolfiness. \

Her daughter catches on to what’s up and trying to help her mom before she becomes a full-on wolf. 

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Repo Man

Punk rocker Otto is not satisfied with his life. He hates his job and his girlfriend broke up with his ass. 

Otto is offered a job as a repo man. The job comes with a lot of adventures dodging a range of crazy people. 

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The Curve 

The watered down thriller version of “Dead Man on Campus” is about college students wanting to improve their grades by killing their unstable roommate and making it look like suicide.

The murder triggers a real suicide and things amougst the friends spiral out of control. Dun dun dunnn.

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Have a great weekend everyone! 

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