Friday Film Recommendations: Feb 11th

Happy Friday All! 

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up I thought that I would dedicate this week’s FFR to some love related flicks via Netflix Watch Instantly. Whether you’re paired up or flying solo, there’s at least one movie for you to enjoy below, so enjoy it damn it! 

Some Girl

Insecure and needy Claire can’t seem to keep a boyfriend. After her relationships end she always get stuck into a black hole of depression and “woe is me.” 

After yet another bad break up Claire meets Chad, a charming, seemingly nice guy. Clarie decides to take another chance at love and falls for Chad. Too bad Chad is really an asshole and she learns that after sleeping with him. 

I have crazy amounts of love for this little unknown movie. Even though Claire is truly bat shit nuts balls, I can’t help but relate to her bad choices and she also she makes me feel like a super sane person. 

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Punch- Drunk Love

Barry Egan, a super awkward, rage-filled yet meek guy finds himself stuck in a phone sex scam after looking for a little humanly comfort. While trying to deal with the harassment, Barry meets Lena, a sweet, kind-hearted chick.

Barry and Lena instantly connect even through his troubles, HULK ANGRY RAWR phases and uncomfortable awkwardness. Lena falls unconditionally in love with Barry and he discovers that love is one thing that gives him the strength he was always looking for. Aw. 

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Happy Accidents

Ruby always finds herself on the doormat side of all of her relationships. She wants to make a change for herself but then suddenly she meets Sam. Sam has a lost puppy, small town guy vibe and Ruby is so into that.  

After they fall in love, Sam reveals to Ruby that he’s from the future and traveled back in time to save her from being killed in an accident. Ruby thinks “Oh fuck this noise, I fell for another crazy mofo again!” She can’t help to still be in love with him but she doesn’t know if his unbalanced behavior is worth it. 

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The Science of Sleep

Dreamer Stephane moves from Mexico to Paris to live with his mother after his father dies. In his apartment building he meets his neighbor, Stephanie whom he believes is the girl of his dreams (and literally is). 

Stephane is stuck in a world of fantasy with slight shades of reality peeking through. Stephanie is the one thing that connects him to the two so he becomes enticed with her to the point where he gets a little crazy in trying to convince her they belong together. 

This is a beautifully sad yet weirdly sweet little film. 

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

After a terrible break up, Joel learns that his ex went through a procedure to erase him from her memory.  He decides it’s best to do the same so he can move on. 

In the process of the erase, Joel relives the good and bad times he had with her and realizes that all of those times as a whole is something worth keeping. 

He fights to hold on to any memory he has of her because he realizes that he still loves her and can’t let her go. 

There are some many things about this film that I completely relate to on so many levels…. don’t worry I’ll spare you the details. 

I love the concept of this film so much and they way things played out just made me think about how much we are drawn to certain people despite not knowing what’s good for us or even what is. 

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Natural Born Killers

Mickey and Mallory, two screwed up people indulge in mass murders and love all while being glorified by the media.  

Maybe I have an off sense of romance but the relationship between M &M is always something I admired. Ok, yes I’m aware the two are effin’ crazy psychos but the raw, passionate love they have for each other is very endearing and powerful.  

Watch Now 


In this Scifi romance, people have the option of getting a timer implant on their wrist letting them know the exact time they are going to meet their soul mate.

Oona is frustrately waiting to meet her match. During the high pressure time of waiting for her timer to go off, she meets Mikey, a super young but cute store check out guy.

Mikey doesn’t seem to be her timer match nor someone she would normally go for but she says eff it and hooks up with him anyway.

Oona struggles with falling for Mikey even her though according to the timer, he’s not the one for her and supposedly her “perfect” person is out there.  

I surprisingly relate to this movie a lot since I’ve a big believer in fate (I ever have the inner wrist tat to prove it suckas) The idea of being aware of a random person you’re supposed to be with is kind of against the magical greatness of falling in love. 

This movie made me embrace the concept that everything that’s supposed to happen will happen. The genuine connections you make with people shouldn’t be discounted even if certain circumstances aren’t perfect or what you thought they should be. Just go with it.

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Have a great weekend everyone! 

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