Yo, Bitch Crazy!: Play Misty for Me

Smooth talkin’ Disc Jockey Dave Garver is quite the 70’s sex muffin.

His sultry voice and choice in cool jams gives him the panty-dropping power over women.

When hitting his regular jive ass bar after a long night of vocal seduction, he picks up a seemingly groovy chick Evelyn.

At first Evelyn seems like she has it together but then quickly and not so subtly reveals to Dave that she loves his show, and she’s totally obsessed with him, so much that she calls every night requesting the song “Misty.”

Dave doesn’t think much of it at first, I mean what guy would when they have ass on tap, but when her aggressive intentions and psycho asshole behavior breaks out, Dave realizes that “yo, bitch crazy!”

While trying to brush off Evelyn, Dave try to run game on his ex that he wants back. He wants to earn her trust and love again but Evelyn isn’t having that and she wants that bitch out of the picture. Dig it.

Evelyn tries to go after the ex and Dave finally steps out of his laid back “hey baby it’s cool, it’s cool” vibe and takes the bitch down!

Though this film serves as a cautionary tale for men looking for an innocent one night stand, I like to look at it as a warning to chicks that are into played out men. Yes, they may be hot and stuff but do you really want their crazy ass stalker chicks coming at you with a knife and chopping off your hair? Repeat after me…”Oh Hell No!”

So ladies, when getting involved with a new guy who casually mentions some chick that’s kind of crazy into him, BEWARE!

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