Friday Film Recommendations: Feb 4th

Happy Friday Everyone.

So I don’t know about you but it’s cold outside! What better way to spend your lazy day than with some good old streaming movies. Eh? Eh? 

Here are some selections from Instant Watch:

The Lost Boys: The Thirst

The Frog brothers are back to fight off vampires. Well, Edgar is kinda back and Alan has been semi-turned but is still trying to fight the good fight. 

Edgar gets the chance to foil a plan to create vampire solders and take out the alpha original vamp which would make all turned vamps human again. This includes Alan…dun dun dunnnn. 

I could resist the chance to check this out and omg ya’ll…it’s hilarious! Feldman is over the top yet perfect as a run-down, jaded Edgar Frog. The plot, the lines, the characters, even the ending is a full-on cheese fest but I have to demand this not be labeled as just a “horror” movie but a “horror comedy” 

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Beware! Children at Play

Children in a small town start disappearing and coming back as weirdo cult-like cannibals. 

This is a classic B-movie/Troma movie so yeah…that should say something on the crap but entertaining level of enjoyment. 

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Night Watch

This visually stimulating Russian vampire flick is a part of a scifi trilogy about the night watch whom must keep the balance between the light and dark (good and evil people)

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Brenda is a jazz dancer than wants to show all them street fools that girl can dance up in here! 

She breaks into the world of break dancing and let’s everyone know what’s up! 

I love mediocre 80’s movies that are just so damn fun to watch. This is what Showgirls would be like without all the whoring and being naked and stuff. 

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Groundhog Day

In celebration of Groundhog’s Day I thought maybe I’d recommend the movie! I know I’m crazyyyyy.

Bill Murray play Phil, a mean and cold-hearted weather man. One day…of many one days he finds himself trapped reliving the whole day over and over …and over again. 

Also, if you’re wonder how long Phil was stuck there..check this out! 

How Long Does Bill Murray Spend in Groundhog Day

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Go to for their latest online selection of movies and in honor of Women in Horror Movie I suggest:

The Descent

After a tragic accident leaving a woman child-less, her friends decide to take her cave exploring to get her mind off of her life. The innocent trip turns deadly with the girls are up against cannibal monsters thingies. 

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Have a great weekend everyone and stay warm! 

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