Friday Film Recommendations: Jan 28th

Happy Friday everyone!

Stay in from the cold weather (or just stay in to be lazy) with this week’s FFR picks.

Here are some choices from Netflix Watch Instantly 


George Newman is a daydreamer that can’t keep a steady job. He’s given control of a failing TV station and creates a bunch of crazy awesome shows which saves the network.

The rival station tries to screw with George and his shows so George and his zany friends fight to save the network. Dun dun dunnn.

Fetching Cody

Art is a street kid, druggie who is madly in love with his street druggie girlfriend Cody.
After Cody’s OD lands her into a coma, Art comes across a recliner time machine and uses it to go to the past to fix Cody’s life.
This is a strange, quirky little movie but I really enjoyed it’s subtle sweetness. And also, a recliner time machine, hello awesome!

Dracula: Dead and Loving it

This Mel Brooks spoof pokes fun of the Dracula myth and of Bram Stoker’s Dracula movie version.

In loving memory of Leslie Nielsen.  

Mars Attacks

Taking a break from gothy stuff, Tim Burton takes on his goofy vision on aliens attacking.

This flick has an amazing cast, believable aliens (ok, maybe just to me) and I think it’s a cheesy, good time fun invasion movie.


When California is infested with a killer airborne virus, special virus scientist people try to find a cure other than hitting up the city with a full-on fire bomb.

I’m recently getting over a rough cold and every single time I coughed, I always thought about the movie theater scene in this movie and it always grosses me out. Yeah, that’s the only reason why I felt the need to recommend this now.

Hit up for their latest online selections such as: 

Dead Alive

I love that before Peter Jackson was all thinner and foofy, he was a massive gore hound which is illustrated in such movies like Dead Alive

A rat monkey thingy infected with a zombie-like disease is the cause of trouble for a meek and shy guy when his mother is infected. 

Have a great weekend all! 

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