Friday Film Recommendations: Jan 21st

Happy Friday All! 

Are you looking for movies to watch this weekend? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Get your streaming devices ready and check out the latest films available via the internet.

Hop on to and add some of these selections to your queue. 

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Dodger, a bullied kid, encounters a green slime that brings to life a group of grotesque dolls.

He enlist their help to win over a hot chick that has no interest in him and in return he helps then get their friends out of the State Home for the Ugly.

I recently watched this after not seeing it since it was originally released and it’s so magically bad! It’s good to see the trading cards come to life in movie form and…and and…there’s singing ya’ll! I love it when a movie breaks into a random singing number. The entire movie makes no sense but I loved seeing all the pail kids being all gross and stuff.

Blood and Donuts

A kind-hearted vamp awakens after 25 years and befriends a loser cab driver. The cabbie gets himself mixed up in a kind of crazy shit and the vamp helps him out.

I randomly checked out this quirky little horror comedy and thought the plot and stuff was so-so but I was endlessly entertained by the fact that David Cronenberg stars as the crime boss.


This British horror anthology follows a trio of short slasher flicks. The first (and one that serious creeped me the eff out) is about a puppeteer that tries to get revenge on all who wronged him, the second follows a woman with murderous visions and the finale is about a bunch of punk thieves. 

If you only have time to check out one of these, I have to suggest the first one. The puppet giggling, noise thingy that are made when the puppets attack still haunt me 24 hours later after watching this. SHUD-DER ya’ll! 

The acting is over the top corny but still it’s overall enjoyable movie. 

Blind Fury

Why wait around to see Rutger Hauer rocked out his soon-to-be awesome role in Hobo With a Shotgun when you can kill time and watch him play a blind guy with a samurai sword. WIN! 

100 Years of Horror: Complete Collection

Christopher Lee hosts this collection of clips on different segments of the horror genre. He touches on the subjects of Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolves, Witches, even Scream Queens. 

Check out one of the latest features on 

The Descent

When a bunch of chick friends decide to bond over some good old cave exploring, they think they are going to have a nice weekend together but dun dun dun…they don’t because the cave they are exploring is filled with cannibalistic bat people thingies. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

One thought on “Friday Film Recommendations: Jan 21st

  1. I was such a weenie as a kid that I was even scared of the Garbage Pail Kids cards. Not all of them, but definitely any of them that were more on the gorey side. I think I may have to watch the movie now just so I can laugh at myself.

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