Scream 4 trailer

After months of waiting, and news spreading, Scream 4’s trailer has finally hit the interwebs.

Check out two below….

The Scream franchise has been one of my favorites (yes 2 was super weak and 3 was meh but wrapped the series up well…or so I thought till now)

I don’t know how I feel about the introduction of “new rules” and the continuation of mocking the horror genre. Also, are we really, once again going to play the “Who can the killer be?” game again. Played out much!?

Scream 4 opens April 15th, so let’s see if this new series can capture the same magic as the first film.

2 thoughts on “Scream 4 trailer

  1. +JMJ+

    Thanks for posting these!!! =D

    I don't have very high expectations of this fourth installment, but I have to say that when I watched the first two sequels again last year, I found more to love in them than I did the first time. Instead of the killer playing a game with the other characters, it was the writer playing a game with the viewers, with the characters serving as pawns. Not sure if that's what makes a good Horror movie, but the meta experience made me high!

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