Friday Film Recommendations: Jan 14th

Happy Friday all!

Get ready for another selection of films to watch via streaming or online! 

Here are some selections from Netflix’s Watch Instantly collection: 

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

In Elvira’s first feature debut, her great-aunt dies leaving her with her home in a stuck up New England town. Elvira burst up that joint and tries to loose the town folk up with her great-aunt’s witchy cookbook. 

A gem from the 80’s of my youth. 

Three O’ Clock High

When a shy, nerdy guy accidentally becomes the target of a hardcore bully, you pretty much think he’s going to be toast right? Noooppe!

This hopeless guy tries everything he can to escape the situation until the moment when he finally balls up and takes on the bully for himself and for mankind! But…mainly for himself. 


You wouldn’t believe this but there was once a time when The Syfy channel was called The Scifi Channel and instead of showing horribly awesome “whatever monster verse other whatever monster” movies they would show some spiffy robot movies such as this one.

So this geeky gamer kid beats a fancy new game called… are you ready for this… Evolver! As a prize for winning he gets his own Evolver robot delivered to his home to play for good. Well here’s the shocker, the robot turns evil and tries to kill the kid for good! The kid must beat the robot for realsie. 

Johnny Mnemonic

In the future, couriers store information in their heads and deliver it via microchip and such. Johnny M takes on a dangerous package that if not taken out of his head soon, will make it explode!

The Bad Seed

Be hold folks, one of my favorite films, worthy of being on my top 10 list. 

Rhoda is a sweet, smart and dangerous as fuck little girl. A school mate is killed during a class picnic and no one suspect Rhoda of doing it other than some skeezy janitor. His accusation leads Rhoda’s mother to have second thoughts about her daughter.

My favorite thing about this film is a mix between how insanely evil Rhoda is and how she seems to be missing the remorse gene when it comes to killing and also that we never seen her kill anyone. There’s no blood in this film yet it’s still so powerfully effective in Rhoda and her mother’s performance. 

If you’re looking for some more movies to watch, head over to for movies like:

To Let

Apart of the “6 Films to Keep You Awake” collection, a young couple tires of their endless search for a great apartment. When they get notice of a spiffy, finished place they go check it out. All seems well with the place up until the couple realize that the old bag running the place won’t let them leave…. dun dun dunnn. 

Watch Now

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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