Friday Film Recommendations: Jan 7th

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m kicking off the first FFR of 2011 with some spiffy picks, so queue up your streaming devices and computer!

My selections from Netflix’s Watch Instantly


One of my favorite films of 2010 has just hit Instant Watch and I instantly demand that you watch it.

Three friends get stuck on a ski lift and battle to survive the brutal cold weather and hungry wolves. Think of it as Open Water but on a ski lift.

My review is HERE


Yesterday I found out that not only is my local art house theater playing Death Wish 3 but also Alex Winter (Bill of Bill and Ted, pshaw if you didn’t already know) will be attending the event. 

In honor of my excitement, I’m recommending this Alex comedy.  

A pompous ass actor and his friend fall prey to a crazed mad man who uses chemical goop to turn people into sideshow freaks.

This hilarious, underrated gem stars Randy Quaid, Mr. T, Keanu Reeves, William Sadler, Bobcat Goldthwait and many more! 

Shutter Island

When Martin Scorsese decides to do a horror film, you know that shit’s gonna be good.

A U.S. marshal investigates the disappearance of a mental patient whom resided on a high secure island. 

I have to be honest, this film is really predictable but it’s not to the point where you’re annoyed at the end because “you saw it coming.” The story is intricately well done and Marty rocks out his psychological thriller. 

Trick ‘r Treat

Ah, I have more and more moments when I see films like these on Netflix and think “Dude, so glad this is on instant watch so I can tell people to watch it!” 

So…that’s what I’m doing now!

This anthology takes place one Halloween night and follows people and their encounters with evil spirits, killers and the like.

The Kids in the Hall: Season 1

Back in my youth when I would stay up late watching movies on HBO I caught this little sketch comedy show The Kids in the Hall featuring zany Canadians.  

Check out this skit that kind of reminds me when I’m at work.

Head over to for the Waxwork Double Feature

Teens go to a special viewing for their town’s new wax museum. It’s all cool and totally awesome at first but then they find out that something’s not quite right with the wax display….dun dun dunnnnn

Have a great weekend! 

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