Friday Film Recommendations: Dec 31st

Happy Friday and Happy New Year everyone! 

If you’re looking to kill time before the drinking and the more drinking starts, here are my last picks of the year. 

Here’s my selection from Netflix

Night of the Demons (remake)

Ok, in the ongoing theme of remakes, this one isn’t very good. BUT! It is entertaining and there’s blood everywhere so hey, it’s a fun time killer.

Like the original, a party is had at a haunted mansion but shit gets ready when demons try to take over the party members. Dun dun dunnn!  

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Food of the Gods

Based on a H.G. Wells novel, a goopy ooze turns normal sized animals into….effin’ gynormous animals! 

The trailer speaks for itself….

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New Year’s Evil

So today is New Year’s Eve so hey, why not watch a horror movie surrounding…New Year’s Eve… Whattttt? Yeah wrap your mind around that! 

For this slasher flick, a punk rock singer hosting a New Year’s countdown gets a phone call from a killer saying that he going to kill someone on the stroke of midnight for each time zone. She’s all “yeah AND!?” and then he’s all “I’m killing Yo’ ass last, so suck on that bitch!” 

Ok that exchanged never really happened but you get what’s up. 

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Happy Tree Friends: Winter Break

So now to lighten things up…. (but not really)

Here’s a cutesy tv show about cutesy animals getting into cutesy gory, bloody red goodness stuff. Ok, maybe I just think it’s cutesy but hey check it! 

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Head over to and check out the latest selection which as includes….

Sometimes They Come Back…Again (Dun dun dunnnnnn) 

So in the first movie, a teacher is haunted by punks that killed his brother, in this follow up a dude is haunted by punks that killed his sister annnd they want his daughter played by Hillary Swank. Yeah, I can bet she won’t admit that she was in this ever but this time killer is good for when you’re in the “watching crap” mood. No judgement. 

Well folks, have a super, great New Year and I’m looking forward to entertaining you with more rec selections, reviews, shorts and other awesome shit. 

Happy New Year! 

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