My Top 2010 Movies

Now that 2010 has come to an end (dude, I just totally rhymed!) I took some time to reflect on the movies I’ve seen and loved this year. 

So with much thought, I’ve complied my list of my favorite 2010 movies. 

If there’s something wicked awesome that you think I left out, it’s either because I didn’t see it or I didn’t think it was all that wicked awesome so there! (and likely I forgot to add it to this list so…there!) 

On to the list! 


I’m glad that I’m such a klutz that skiing will never be on my list of things I want to do. The minor possibility of being stuck on a ski lift for like, ever just solifies my non-desire to hit the slopes.
This dreary film not only had the ability to make me cringe and gasp every single time I watch it but I love it when a film can put me in a “what would I do” frame of mind when trying to relate to the situation and the characters.
Here’s my review

Hatchet 2

Yes, another Adam Green film on the list and no it has nothing to do with my boner crush on him. For reals. 
Sequels to horror movies are a tricky thing especially when it comes to picking up where the first left off. Hatchet 2 delivers a solid Victor Crowley back story and it has buckets blood as it’s side kick. 
Hatchet 2‘s picture perfect displays of gore gave me a boner high I couldn’t get down from and it saddened me that the film didn’t get much play when it was released. Wa wa. 
Here’s my review

Black Swan

I’m so glad that there was more to this film other than all the hype surrounding the “lesbian” scene.  

I had no doubt that Aronofsky could crank out another hit film let alone a super creepy one as well. 
Here my review


Since the Grindhouse double feature in 2006, all of us fan waited and hoped that the faux trailer for Machete would some day materialize to a real film. 

This year we got to see the full length feature of that gem.

Machete was everything I could want in a fun, entertaining action film with the B-movie camp edge. 

Paranormal Activity 2

Another well-done horror sequel. This follow up to last year’s suceessful scare, sadly over-hyped movie is a part prequel to the first movie yet still delivers the chills… times two! 

Here’s my review 

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

I had the most amazing opportunity of seeing this in advance, twice at Comic Con. Yeah bitches! 

I became an instant fan of this film not only because of Edgar Wright’s attachment but because it’s from start to finish, down right effin’ pew pew pew fun. 
Here’s my review


When a friend and I were going to do an Iron Man 2/Kick-Ass double feature, I figured I was going to see some light-hearted teen super hero movie on par with Meteor Man or Richie Rich but holy crap, I was not expecting so much violence and gore sprayed all up in my face! 

Yes, I loved it hence why it’s deserving to be on this list. 

The Killer Inside of Me

Set in the 1940’s Lou Ford, a sheriff, gets mixed up with a dirty whore whom let’s him slap her around and engage in other S&M type shit.

Lou appears to be an easy-going gentleman but he hides the crazy quirks of his personality that embraces brutal violence and a disturbing urge to kill. 

His affair with the dirty whore begins his deep spiral down a dark road of murder. 

I can’t name too many noir-y films that stuck with me as being so beautifully sad so hence why I had to put The Killer Inside of Me on this list. 

In Mexico, at a time when monster attacks are seasonal like the weather, a journalist attempts to take an American chick through “infected areas” to get her safety across the U.S. border. 

I’ve heard so much about this film over the last few months that I finally ordered it on Pay-per-view just to see what all the buzz was about. Oh and because I have a thing for “monsters breaking stuff and screaming RAWRRR” type movies. 

This film has flairs of District 9 only instead of the alien monsters having to adjust to our human rules and restrictions, we have to adjust to the monsters. Dun dun dunnnn! 


After seeing the 1993’s The Vanishing I was completely horrified of the idea of being left for dead, buried in a coffin, where no one but your killer knows where you are. 

For years whenever I see that movie on, I shudder and think about how awful it has to be to be trapped in a box. Well, thank you Buried for throwing me right in that situation and making me a billion times claustrophobic and physically uncomfortable in a movie theater. 

Here’s my review 

Well folks, I’m ready for some new awesome movies for the new year. 

Happy New Year everyone! 

8 thoughts on “My Top 2010 Movies

  1. Great list! Glad to see someone else that loved Hatchet II. I have taken such a beating for loving that film. Gore boners ftw! All the rest are great picks as well.

  2. I loved Kick Ass and Scott Pilgrim as both were far better comic book movies than the X-Men films but still not as great as Howard The Duck. I still need to see Black Swan for more than the Natalie Portman scenes…sure, why not? Haha! The same goes for both of Adam Green's films on this list.

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