Friday Film Recommendations: Dec 17th

Happy Friday All! 

Ok folks, time to get your movie on with this week’s FFR selection. 

Here are my picks from Netflix (dude I totally rhymed!) 


A man wakes up with no face and instead of being all “waaaa I have no effin’ face!” he decides that he take advance of his mystery mug and take revenge on all who has wronged him *insert thunder and lightening here* 

This fun little sleeper flick is amongst George Romero’s non-zombie so it’s worth checking out. 

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Raw Meat

This low budget but spiffy flick is about a subway cannibal dweller person dude surfacing the streets of London looking for some people to munch on. 

I was excited to see this listed for instant watch and I had to recommend it not only because it was made by a Chicago director, Gary Sherman BUT Donald Pleasence stars in it as well so it’s awesome by association. 

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This fast-paced crazed ride follows the stories of several people and their wild adventures out on Christmas Eve. 

This movie has a super stellar cast and it’s a super stellar film. Good times! 

The Witches of Eastwick 

Three old broads with men issues start hooking up with the devil and they tap into their witchy powers. They fuck around with their powers and have a laugh but then shit goes down and they join together to defeat the devil. 

So I love this movie in general, but the scene where that bible thumper lady is in church yellin’ about “WHORES” is the one scene that has a special place in my heart. I damn near crack up every time! 

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Miracle Beach

Beach bum Scotty comes across a magical genie! Waaaa? Scotty wants to impress a hot model so he wishes up things to make him a better man but little does he know that the hot genie is in love with him and hates trying to help him bang another chick….Waaaa? 

I have a guilty pleasure for semi-cheesy, early 90’s “late night” comedies and this is one of them. 

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New on this week is:

Bufferfly Effect 3: Revelations

A cop goes back in time to solve the his girlfriend’s murder (Dude, Time Cop much?) but he fucks with the past which results in fuckin’ up the future. Rinse and repeat. 

I really super dug the first movie, didn’t see the second one and this one… well….yyyeaahhh. I should see maybe see the second one and maybe this one will mesh well. 

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Have a rockin’ weekend everyone! 

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