Remote: Short Film Review

Matt Reid planned on roughing out a snow storm by chilling at home with some beer and a little tv time. 

The storm takes a strange effect on his television set and it gives him a view of his home 30 years earlier. 

Through the screen Matt meets the former tenant of his home, Justine. After they both get over the weirdness of their time and space differences, the two instantly take comfort in each other’s company. 

Little do they both know, there’s a killer in Justine’s home and Matt must try to save her before it’s too late but how can he we he’s 30 years away from her? 

This short was a mind trip that flirted with the fabrics of time. I love that what seemed like a straight forward horror/murder time travel story spun into a new, interesting direction. All that unfolded in the short kept me engaged and intrigued. 

To learn more about Remote check out their FB page  and you can find out about writer/director/producer Marc Roussel’s other projects at Red Sneakers Media 

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