Friday Film Recommendations: Dec 10th

Happy Friday everyone! 

It’s another week of some awesomely random picks. 

Here’s some instant watches to add to your queue! 

The Shining 

This is a film I can always relate to this time of year. When it’s so effin’ cold out and snowin’ up a storm, I stay in more and try to fight off cabin fever. 

Thankfully for me I don’t have a whiny spouse or a kid with finger puppet issues so I’ve managed not to kill anyone yet….yet.

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The King of Kong

There’s only two things anyone ever really needs to know about me: one being that I love horror movies and two is, I love Rock Band. For reals.

This doc follows a rivalry between two guys whom scored their 15 plus minutes of fame from being awesome at playing Donkey Kong.


The thing I loved about watching this other than seeing my share of mullets and porn ‘stashes is that it made me feel so much less of a geek!

Dolores Claiborne

Dolores is facing charges about killing some old broad she used to take care of. While dealing with all the drama, her estranged daughter comes to town to help out. The reunion brings back shitty memories of Dolores’ asshole husband whom she was also suspected of murdering. Dun dun dunnnn.

This movie gives hot chocolate and hand jobs a bad name. FYI. 

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Crank 2: High Voltage

This sequel to extremely awesome action flick carries on the story of Chev’s high charged antics. 

Chev’s heart was stolen (for real, not like by a chick or anything) and he has to keep his artificial heart cranked up while he goes on his crazy adventure to track it down. 

Good times and I have to appreciate it for having Corey Haim in it. 

Lost: Season 6 (The Final Season) 

If you haven’t seen Lost yet, then dude, WTF? 

The final season of the show that owned me for 6 years is finally available for your instant pleasure. 

So if you’re just starting off or if you need to re-watch the final season (ya’ll that whole Libby thing was never REALLY explained!) then here ya go yo! 

Watch Now 

Here’s my pick from

Fear Academy 

Fearnet’s new animated series on how to survive in a horror movie. 

Funny stuff

Have a super awesome weekend everyone! 

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