Worm: Short Film Review

We all have those moments where people straight up get on our nerves. I would love to have a moment where I can tell my boss to go fuck himself or to tell that loud person on the bus that if they don’t keep it down, that cell is going up their ass!

Alas, I don’t do anything of those things, not only because I’m chicken shit, but because I still have some control over my mental stability.

In the short film, Worm, Geoffrey Dodd seems like a normal, boring, high school teacher but yet he holds a dark, sinister side.

Dodd’s twisted thoughts and seemingly dangerous intentions just scratches the surface of the fragments of his mind which is reaching the breaking point. His calm demeanor is just an illusion to evil that he is capable of enduring.

Worm takes a microscopic look at the internal pain and uncontrollable madness an average person can hold inside of them. We never think the people we see every day and think nothing of could be a person that is mentally slipping away.

Here’s a clip from the short. 

For more about Worm you can visit the site or the IMDB page 

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