Friday Film Recommendations: Dec 3rd

Happy Friday all! For us not living in warmer climate, it’s starting to get cold up in here, so if you’re going to stay in and cuddle up, why not watch some
movies when you do it? 

Bust out your Iphone Netflix app or queue up your Instant Watch list, here’s some stuff for you to watch… 

Mega Piranha

Being in the mood for some total crap, I came across this poop nugget of greatness. First off, if you want to do a “80’s teen sensation” double feature, this will pair nicely with Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus which stars Debbie Gibson while this one has Tiffany in it! What? What?! 

So the thing that fascinated me about this movie (not sure if I’m legally allowed to even call it that) is that the acting is just amazing. No, really. Ok. I’m the kind of girl that says off the wall, ridiculous, nonsensical jibber jabber all the effin time and after I realize what I say, I can’t help but giggle for like 45 minutes straight. 

Everyone in this…movie delivers their lines perfectly while being so tense and over-dramatic. It’s like on the last day of school instead of fuckin’ around, they started on their summer reading. Really, forget fake killer piranha eating people, these people’s ability to not even crack a smile is impeccable! 

Dude, seriously, check out the trailer, girl ain’t playing up in here! 

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus 

In loving memory of Heath Ledger, I finally got a chance to watch this Terry Gilliam whimsy world of magic and weirdness (much like what happens in my bedroom). 

A traveling theater company offer its audience a journey in an “imaginarium” that makes their dreams come true. Throw in the Devil (played by the super awesome Tom Waits) and a fancy schemer (roles played by Ledger, Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell) and this beautiful, intricate world of the imaginarium gets tainted by darkness and well…shit goes down. 


Nightmares in Red, White and Blue 

This spiffy horror doc, narrated by the ever so awesome Lance Henriksen, explores the history of the world and it’s effect and influence on horror films throughout the years. It covers stuff from the silent era, classic monster flicks and goes up to our modern day films. There’s also a lot of great interviews from horror masterminds. Good stuff. 

Spaceballs: Animated Adventures

Did anyone know that Spaceballs was an animated series back in 2008?!?….yeah neither did I! So now that well know this, we can watch this and have some sort of fulfillment in our lives. *happy exhale* 


Ok, I have to say up front, and flat out…this is not a film for everyone! I have seen all kinds of effed up effing-ness in all kinds of films and well, this one made me uneasy, uncomfortable and just sick to my stomach. 

To drop some knowledge on those of you who don’t know about this one, it’s kinda got a super graphic rape scene. It goes on for what seems like 11 days and as a chick, yeah not fun to watch. 

That aside I couldn’t pass up recommending this to people who can just get through it or skip the scene because it is actually a really good film. The film starts from end to the beginning and even though bleh that scene happens, I ended up being sickened just from the end of the film (which is the beginning, and yes I’m trying to confuse you for fun and to lighten the mood) 

So anyway, super well done film, icky, but you were warned. 

If you’re planning on warming up by your computer, check out this flick available on


So I’ve seen this once and it kind of confused and puzzled me. I mean, it’s a fun and quirky little zombie film but then I think there were like aliens or something in it towards the end or something. Yeah I didn’t like it all that much and feel like I should maybe give it another go one day but hey, if you feel like watching it, help me out and discuss it with me. So confused….so alone! 

Watch Now 

Have a great, warm and toasty weekend everyone! 

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