Film Wise # 512

Howdy all! 

Time to clear your eyes and your mind for another round of Invisible people quiz time! 

Starting with last week’s HERE

Other than Thelma and Louise, the other movies I didn’t get, I didn’t see so I’m ok with my score. I did take a stab at The Last Airbender and apparently screwed it up because I didn’t get that answer right. Hmmmm. Ok I’m totally over it….

Now for this week’s quiz which can be found oh right HERE! 

For the moment I’m got 2/8.

My love for teen movies helped me with # 3 and #8. 

Ok everyone, how’d ya do and what do you need help with? 

4 thoughts on “Film Wise # 512

  1. So far I've got 4/8, numbers 3-6. Feel like I know 2 and 7.

    I only got number 4 after noticing the number of sleeves on the dude and guessing. 5 is one of my favorite guilty pleasures, I admit it.

  2. +JMJ+

    So far, 5/8.

    I got #1, #3, #5, #6 and #7.

    I can't believe I couldn't guess #4, as I'm usually pretty good with the animated stuff, but I guess that's one I haven't seen. =(

    But I'm sure I've seen #8, and it's taunting me now!!!

    Anyway, as always, I'm willing to trade clues about those I got for clues about those I didn't get . . .

    #1 — I actually looked at the grey uniforms, not at the symbol on the civilian's sleeve
    #3 — By the King of the 80s Teen Movie
    #5 — Could have been a satire of Reality TV, except that that genre wasn't so big yet
    #6 — Barely even friends, then somebody bends . . . unexpectedly! 😉
    #7 — The house is falling apart at the beginning of this romantic movie; but the guy in the frame rebuilds it for his lady love

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