Friday Film Recommendations: Nov 26th

Happy Black Friday everyone! 

So for those who chose to stay in instead of being all out and about shopping like a crazy person, why not watch some movies huh? Let’s do this! 

Queue up your Netflix Watch Instantly for these movies- 

Far From Home

A father and his blooming teenager daughter driving cross country become stranded at a trailer park once they run out of gas. Their goal is to gas up and get out but they become the target of a serial killer! Dun dun dunnnn…. 

This unknown wonder stars Matt Frewer (who I’ve always been intrigued by since his role in Stephen King’s The Stand) as the dad and a young Drew Barrymore as his daughter. Great duo.

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Rolling back to my childhood greatness of the 80’s. 

In the future, water is in high in demand like hookers in a…well a place that needs hookers. A group of orphan skaters discover a glowing orb that’s all magical and shit which can help them take down a big water hoarder company. 

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This mockumentary is about a rich couple wanting to make a difference in the world by helping out homeless people. Instead of making them a sandwich or giving up their spare change, they make lollipops with inspiration messages attached to them. I know what you’re thinking….totally rather have a sandwich with a lollipop! 

This quirky comedy was a collaboration of the awesome James Gunn and Jenna Fischer back in the day when they were married. So sad. 

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Remember back in October I saw this as apart of my 31 Days of Halloween? Yeah, me either. Well here is your chance to catch this scifi underrated goofy gem about an alien monster thingy taking over a family’s home. 

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Chasing Sleep

Jeff Daniels rocks out a performance of a disoriented man who’s trying to piece together the disappearance of his wife all while battling insomnia. 

Between the age of 16-19 I went through this weird phase of only sleeping 3 hours a day. I don’t know what was up with me (and no it wasn’t because I ran over someone and the guilt was eating away at me) 

I’ve since overcome that phase, hells, all I want to do is sleep now but I’ve always been fascinated with the mental toll it takes on people. I luckily spent that time be as productive as I’ve ever been in my entire life but I never had moments where I lost grip of reality or felt myself mentally slipping. So I always dig films like that hence why I’m recommending this one. 

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If you’re looking for an online only option, go to and check out….


Ok right quick, don’t confuse this with the Sandra Bullock movie. Alright, now that we got that straight, this comic based film is about a man being haunted by a newspaper than gives him details about the future. 

This is a spiffy spooky little number…and I’m sure the other movie is too but of a different nature. 

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Have a great weekend everyone! 

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