Film Wise # 511

Hello everyone! 

Get ready for another round of the Invisible people quiz! 

Ok let start with last week’s answers HERE 

So other than getting Dawn of the Dead right (which I would allow all of you to punch me in the face if I got it wrong) and guessing Winnie the Pooh, out of the other movies I’ve seen on this, I haven’t seen them in years. Oh well. 

Now on to this week’s quiz which is HERE 

Holy glasses! I thought hats confused me but nope, glasses are pretty confusing too. 

I scored a 3/8

I got # 1 and 6 by going through every single sequel those movies have and I got #4 just from the goob in the pic.

Ok fine folks, how’d ya do? 

5 thoughts on “Film Wise # 511

  1. +JMJ+

    WOOOOOO! 7/8 all by myself!!! =D This is a personal record . . . but I'll bet The Mike is going to come in here soon and get a 10/8 or something else spectacular. =P


    #2 and #3 have the main characters' names in the title–and the characters are pictured in both. (Too obscure? Just let me know!)

    In #5, the guy lying on the ground is a cardinal of the Catholic Church.

    #8 is a fantasy movie that came out in the middle of this year and was marketed mainly to children (well, as far as I could tell!).

    Now if anyone could help out with #7, that would be great. I doubt I've seen the movie, though.

  2. +JMJ+

    Andre, I read your question and thought to myself, “Isn't it a neck brace?”

    And then it totally hit me!!!

    8/8, baby!!! =D

    Yes, it's a neck brace . . . and notice that it doesn't stop the woman wearing it from wearing something really low-cut. 😉

  3. OK, got the Catholic one, though I'd ne'er seen it. Now just gotta eyeball #2 for a while.

    (Also, I posted this on the wrong post a minute ago. Reading too many blogs at once is bad for you!)

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