Knuckle Supper (Book Review)

These days, it’s hard to picture vampires outside of what we see from Twilight or Vampire Diaries, but thankful I’ve come across a book that paints them in a different more gritty aspect from what we know of from the media today.

Knuckle Supper unveils the undead gangs ruling the drug world on the streets of Los Angeles. The gang The Knuckles are ruled by hardcore druggie R.J., whom finds himself stuck with a twelve year-old prostitute, Bait, after killing her pimp. 

R.J. and his violent partner in blood Dez, plan to make a massive drug deal that could either lead them to a lot of money or to their deaths. 

Writer Drew Stepek doesn’t shy away from portraying these vampires as creatures that are unforgivably brutal. It’s enjoyable to flip the pages of a story that is caked in blood of a pimp or gang member and not have to deal with a flowery romantic view on vampires. 

For readers who are interested in reading about vampires that aren’t brooding teenagers panting over girls or fighting werewolves, check out Knuckle Supper which has been released today. 

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