Chuck Norris Ate My Wedding

It was about a year ago when I got tied up in the world asking for votes for “Ms. Blogosphere” and for Bloody Disgusting’s  “Best Blog” award. As a super modest person, I was so effin’ uncomfortable asking for votes. Well, now I’m asking ya’ll to vote for someone else for something else and I’m going to be all loud and proud about it. 

So to start, if you’re not already following the blog Chuck Norris Ate My Baby, you need to do that right quick. There you can find weekly “Horror Hangover” with a selection of shit to watch Sundays when you’re getting over a night of partying and my favorite “Freddy Friday Night Dance Party.” I love myself some dancing, if you didn’t know that already now you do. 

Ok moving on, Matt, the man behind CNAMB, is in a contest to win a lot of money for his upcoming wedding. 

Matt and his lovely lady are finalist in this contest and all they need are our votes to help them have the wedding of their dreams and cake too! 

So here is where you come in….
First you have to register at the site HERE 
It only takes a small minute to sign up and then poof, you’re that close to helping the couple out.

After you sign up, sign in, look for the cutesy pic of Matt and Liz (the same one posted above) or pretty much look for the couple “Matt and Liz” and all you have to do is vote for them. POOF!

The contest is running for 2 weeks and you can vote once a day so feel free to take a spare minute a day and vote for this cute couple.

Thanks ya’ll and Good Luck Matt and Liz! 

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