Film Wise #510

Hello folks! Time for another Invisible Quiz. Woot.

Starting with the answers to last week’s HERE 

And now this week’s quiz is HERE 

I got another sad 2/8 with only knowing #5 and #6

All horror fans should get #5 and I guessed #6 because of the clothes. I have a feeling that I know #4 but bah it’s not coming to me!

Ok ya’ll…how’d ya do, what did you get, what didn’t you get? 

3 thoughts on “Film Wise #510

  1. +JMJ+

    I don't feel too bad about last week's 3/8 score because I didn't see any of the other movies I didn't get.

    This time, I got a 4/8, for #4, #5, #6 and #8.

    And you do know #4, Nicki, because Invisibles featured the exact same image several weeks ago!!! 😉

    My clue for #8 is that there should probably be four more sets of clothing in that image.

    In the meantime . . . any clues for #3? It's really bugging me!

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