Friday Film Recommendations: Nov 5th

Happy Friday Ya’ll! 

Time again to queue up your streaming systems and watch some movies yo! 

The Crazies (2009)

The remake to George Romero’s film a biological weapon accidental release into a small’s town water supply causing the town folk to become….crazy!
For a remake, this isn’t a bad movie. There are a few certain things in it that completely annoyed me (ask me after you’ve seen it) but overall it’s decent.


During a time of the apocalypse, a random crew of people are stuck at a truck stop trying to protect a pregnant woman who is about to give birth to the Messiah.
So, I’m not even going to pretend like this movie is any good, but I’m not going to pretend like I didn’t have a good time watching it. I would have to categorize this movie under “comedy.”

The Descent: Part 2

This follow up is continuation of Sarah’s story after surviving the creepy cave-dwellers. She’s all screwed up in the head to warn a search party that are looking for her friends so they become the next nom nom victims. Sarah must once again get all hardcore and shit to defeat the creatures. 

Demolition Man

In this futurist action flick, a menacing criminal and a hardcore cop are cryogenically frozen and thawed out in the world in 2032. They’re all “What’s this!? What’s this?” during their discovery in the future world of California meanwhile they fight each other and stuff.

The main reason why I picked this movie is because of my fascination with things of the future. My mind wanders of what kind of flying car, Rosie maid robots and such are in store for us but never did I think that toilet paper would ever become a thing of the past.

The introduction of the seashells blows my minds and when watching this movie I’m always all “umm..what? wait huh? wait…how?” *head explosion* But thankfully I found a somewhat explanation HERE so read it and enjoy watching the movie.

Amazing Stories: Season 1

My love for anthologies pops out once again in this recommendation of this amazing tv series. The stories aren’t as dark as The Twilight Zone or Tales from the Darkside but it’s like their PG-13 silly little sister version. Good stuff. 

A camera crew doing a routine story on firemen end up getting quarantined in an apartment building. Inside the building is an zombie-like infection. 
Another typical government experience gone wrong, turns bat into vicious, hella smart hungry creatures. Bat specialist come in to try to save the day but do they… dun dun dunnnn……
Have a great weekend everyone! 

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