31 Days of Halloween- Day 31: The Walking Dead premiere

Yesterday was not only awesome because of Halloween but also, and shall I say FINALLY the premiere to the new AMC series The Walking Dead

For anyone who doesn’t already know, The Walking Dead is a comic book about zombies. If you haven’t read it, girl, you don’t even know! 

After several recommendations from all kinds of everyone I picked up the first 3 trades a few months ago and beyond that I went through an emotional journey of death, heartbreaks, and the struggle to keep faith and hope alive. 

The series starts off with police officer Rick Grimes getting shot on duty. He wakes up from a coma and learns that the world is now over run by zombies. Yes, I know what you’re thinking “28 Days Later much?!” But for reals, this series is awesome. 

Rick’s only concerned with finding his wife and son and he’s willing to put himself in danger in order to find them. 

As far as the books go, Rick cross paths with all kind of people, some good, some down right sickening. It’s about the choices he and the others make and dealing with the obstacle they face within themselves and having to live in certain situations. 

The tv show’s pilot only skimmed the surface of the first book and had some slight variations but I still felt like it was well done and could lead to something great. 

I wasn’t worried about my feelings with this show adapting one of the greatest comics ever mainly because of Frank Darabont’s involvement. The man knows how to adapt his shit. 

I did have my doubts about Brit actor Andrew Lincoln. I’ve only seen him in Love Actually but to take on such a high strung and breaking role such as Rick’s, I wasn’t sure if he could pull it off. As far as the first ep, he did a good job holding on to the gentle but determine side of Rick. 

The bittersweetness to being so devoted to the comic is that I know basically what’s going to happen to all the characters. It’s sadden me to see Rick and think “ohh man…just wait until *insert really horrible thing here* But it is good that the show has been changed a little bit from the comic so I can still be a little bit surprised by things. Example: There’s no tank in the first book but it worked in the show. 

More than just enjoying a general zombie show or seeing a great comic come to life on my tv is awesome for me as a horror/comic fan but I just hope the show can jolt the emotional experience I had flipping pages to the form of images on tv. 

When a show can fuck with my emotions, it has me forever. 

And this ends my 31 Days of Halloween for 2010. Ahhhh……

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