31 Days of Halloween- Day 24: Demons

Here’s another film I got to see on the big screen over the weekend. There’s something quite special about sitting in a theater watching a film about people sitting in a theater watching a film….but then getting attacked by demons. Dude, I was trippin’ balls!

This Italian horror gore fest starts off with a everyday kind of girl walking through a subway station. She feels as though she’s being followed so she does the typical chick thing and overreacts and runs. She runs into a man wearing a strange mask whom gives her a invite to a new theater. She’s all jazzed and wants her friend to skip class with her to see the fancy feature film. I’m guessing one of the unspoken laws of horror along with no drugs, drinking or sex is don’t skip class because the girls end up in a bad situation.

When arriving to the weirdly awesome theater, the girls take in sights of cute boys and a prop from the film- a bike and a chrome mask thingy. They are more interested in the boys than anything else. Tsk tsk.

The mask draws a lot of attention to the other guest, one chick in particluar thought it would be jive to try the mask on but gets an infectious cut on her.

As the movie starts the theater goers get ready to enjoy the unknown flim. The girls are with the boys, there’s a couple making out over there, there’s the rough and tough trio smoking and causing static and there’s a blind guy with his seeing eye human.

All goes well until the chick who was cut from trying on the mask starts to feel the demon infection take over. Minutes and puss ooze later, she’s all RAWR and shit!

This is only the start of more infections, more rawring and the left over theater goers looking for a way out before they become all demon-like.

I love Demons for everything that it is- over-the-top, gory and awesomely silly. Also, to have the theater experience and not have actual demons bust up in there and try to kill us all…well that’s bittersweet.

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