31 Days of Halloween- Day 23: TerrorVision

Over the weekend I got the fantastically, great chance to catch this underrated gem on the big screen.

TerrorVision is about a quirky family setting up their new satellite tv system. They receive a signal from another planet which opens a passageway for a hungry monster alien thingy. 

The family carries on with their day-to-day lives of the parents swinging, the daughter rockin’ out, grandma being all crazy-like but it’s the little boy, Sherman, who catches on to the monster alien thingy’s existence. 

When all is left are Sherman, his sister Suzy and her boyfriend O.D. they become friends with the monster up until he tries to eat them as well. It’s up to them to destroy the monster and save the world! 

This fun flick has a super great cast of Gerrit Graham (Phantom of the Paradise,) Mary Woronov (Chopping Mall, Night of the Comet, the list is endless!) Diane Franklin (Better off Dead, Bill and Ted‘s Excellent Adventure), Jon Gries,(Lost, Napoleon Dynamite) and little Sherman is played by Chad Allen (loved him in My Two Dads

TerrorVision is campy, cheesy, mindless b-movie fun. 

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