Film Wise # 507

Hello folks. It’s another week and another invisible quiz time. Yeah!

Starting with last week’s HERE

I didn’t do too shabby and The House of Yes, totally one of my favorite films so I’m glad that not only did I get it, but that it was put on this quiz. Good times. 

And now to this week’s HERE

At the moment, I’m ranking a 0/8 Wa wa but I’m looking out for any hints and things so, post your score, ask for help and gives some tips ya’ll!

3 thoughts on “Film Wise # 507

  1. Got 3 and 8.

    #3 is a recent annoyance starring someone with huge teeth.

    and 8 is more current than its black and white motif suggests…

    Were those too vague?

    i thought 7 would be that recent-ish one with johnny depp, Public Enemies but it's not!

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