31 Days of Halloween- Day 22: Masters of Horror: Right to Die

I took another trip down Showtime’s memory lane by watching another Masters of Horror episode.

The series as a whole was just ok, though I do wish it would continue. But anyway, the episodes they did have that were good always stuck with me, one being Right to Die.

Rob Schmidt (Wrong Turn) directs this episode about a couple who has been in a tragic car accident putting the badly burnt wife into a coma.

The husband, Cliff, feels overwhelming guilty about his wife’s condition and has to decide if he should pull the plug or let her stay alive and suffer.
Cliff’s guilt doesn’t just root from the accident but it also comes from his past indiscretion with his assistant. At first he thinks that pulling the plug on his wife is his key to freedom but he then learns that her slips from life gives her the ability to haunt and terrorize him.

Cliff fights to keep her alive no matter what but only to keep her from coming after him. All of the things Cliff has done to her catches up with him through her flashes of life and death and Cliff knows that either way, he will be stuck with her forever.

Right to Die is a wonderfully twisted revenge ghost story. 

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