31 Days of Halloween- Day 21: Hellraiser

Hellraiser is one of my favorite Clive Barker films. This film has a special blend of sexy gore and likeable villains (seriously, who wouldn’t want to rock out with Pinhead?)

Semi-happy couple Larry and Julia move into an old family home. They think all is well but they don’t know that Larry’s crummy brother, Frank, is hiding out in the home after escaping hell all skinless and shit.

Julia finds Frank and they rekindle they dirty lust for each other despite the fact that Frank is all icky and gross. Since Julia is a dirty whore, she agrees to lure men back to the house so Frank can munch on them to regain his human form.

Meanwhile, Larry’s daughter Kristy discovers Frank’s wicked awesome puzzle box that unlocks wicked awesome hell demons, The Cenobites, who want Frank back in hell.

Kristy finds out that dirty whore Julia is helping Frank out and they want to kill her dad so Kristy helps out the Cenobites and all ends well.
Hellraiser is a great twisted film that makes S&M look like PB&J.

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