Friday Film Recommendations: October 22nd

Happy Friday All!

Ok…. let’s watch some movies up in here! 

Paranormal Activity

If you haven’t seen this yet or want to watch it again before seeing the second one..well, here ya go!

Katie and Micah are being taunted by an evil spirit in their home. They decide to document the hauntings and experiences via a camera.  Every night some creepy shit goes down and all the nights that follow, things get worse.
I’m still grateful that I saw this blindly without any knowledge of what it was about or before the hype hit because this movie gave me the wicked uber-tron jebbies! I honestly couldn’t sleep after seeing it.

Tales from the Hood

With all the  “Tales from the…” movies, I’m glad there is one that represents the mean streets of the hood.

A funeral home caretaker reveals stories surrounding the deaths of his customers and their grisly demise…. all up in yo’ face!

The Fall

Set in the 1920’s a hospitalized stunt man develops a storytelling relationship with a little girl that loves fantasy tales. He opens a mythical world to her but the lines blur between the beautiful land of fiction and the harsh truths of reality.
This is a super great film plus it solidified my crush for Lee Pace after Pushing Daises.


Lisa thinks her mom needs to get 8 different kinds of laid so she goes out of her way to stalk a random attractive guy she thinks would be perfect for her mom. Too bad the dude is a ragin’ psycho who likes to kill chicks that are into him. Dun dun dunnnnnnn.

Fire in the Sky

Lumberjacks do their things in the woods up until one night when they cross paths with a spaceship. The ship jacks one of their friends and they spent the time in his absence defending themselves and claiming that the aliens took him.

Before seeing this movie, I wasn’t sure if aliens really existed. I mean, I don’t find us humans all that interesting enough to study and really, what kind of knowledge are they going to gain by sticking stuff up our butts?
But after seeing this I only hoped that they weren’t real because this movie put the fear of aliens in me (possibly all up in my butt)

2001 Maniacs

Special FX artist Tim Sullivan brings his talent of gore to his first feature film about college kids getting lost in the wrong part of the south. This cheesy good times fun flick is filled with awesome actors..Robert Englund anyone? and it’s filed with even more buckets of gore (the main reason why I loved this movie) so enjoy! 

My Step-Dad’s a Freakin’ Vampire
I couldn’t pass up recommending something with an awesome title like this. I haven’t seen it, don’t really care what it’s about, the title has sold me! 

Have a rockin’ weekend everyone! 

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