31 Days of Halloween- Day 19: Scream Awards!

Tonight I thought I’d take a break from watching some good…or bad movies and honor horror movies in general by watching The Scream Awards! 

So I figured I’d get myself all cozy-like, check out the award winners, the spiffy trailer drops and everything in between. So I’m listing the winners to anyone who didn’t get to catch this or just want to save the 2 hours and see everything in one quick blog form which I’m providing for you now…TA-DA! Enjoy the coverage. (The winners are in bold) 

Best Villain

Jackie Earle Haley- Nightmare on Elm Street
Stephen Lang- Avatar
Dieter Laser- The Human Centipede 
Terry O’ Quinn- Lost
Mickey Rourke- Iron Man 2

Best Comic Book Writer

Jason Aaron 
Darwyn Cooke
Garth Ennis
Geoff Johns
Robert Kirkman 
Mike Mignola

*cough Robert Kirkman was robbed cough*

The Holy Shit Scene of the Year

Damon Magready shoots his daughter- Kick-Ass
The destruction of L.A.- 2012
The freight train- Inception
Twisted Sex- True Blood
The street fold- Inception

Sir Anthony Hopkins presents the trailer to his upcoming film The Rite 

Best Fantasy Actress

Chloe Grace Moretz- Kick-Ass
Sadirse Ronan- The Lovely Bones
Kristen Stewart- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 
Mia Washikowska- Alice in Wonderland 

*insert an awesome tribute to Ray Bradbury here*

And the official world premiere trailer of Scream 4!

Best Horror Actress

Emily Blunt- The Wolfman
Milla Jovovich- The Fourth Kind
Anna Paquin- True Blood
Emma Stone- Zombieland

James Cameron presented Sigourney Weaver with the Heroine award.

*insert wicked awesome Back to the Future tribute here with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd in attendance * 

Best Comic Book

Blackest Night
Parker: The Hunter
The Walking Dead
The Boys

Best Worst Movie

Piranha 3-D

Best Horror Actor

Leonardo Dicaprio- Shutter Island
Alexander Skarsgard- True Blood
Woody Harrelson- Zombieland
Stephen Moyer- True Blood
Michael C. Hall- Dexter

Most Memorable Mutilation 

The pound of flesh trap- Saw VI
Scalped- Inglorious Basterds 
Heart Soufflé – True Blood
The needle trap- Saw VI
The Human Centipede- The Human Centipede 

Best 3-D Movie

Alice in Wonderland
Toy Story 3

*insert fantastic final Lost tribute here*

Best TV Show

True Blood

Best Horror Movie

Nightmare on Elm Street
Paranormal Activity
Shutter Island

*accepting the award was Bill Effin’ Murray whom also won for Best Cameo* 

And for good measure and to go along with the horror theme I have to post this commercial playing during the awards… it’s…. awkwardly awesome. Enjoy!

Best Fantasy Movie

Alice in Wonderland
The Twilight Saga: Ellipse 
Toy Story 3

Most Anticipated Movie 

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Tron Legacy
Cowboys and Aliens 
The Green Lantern

Thus ends the Scream Awards for 2010! 

Ok back to movies tomorrow! 

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Halloween- Day 19: Scream Awards!

  1. Was this something viewers could vote on? Because the winners seem more like True Blood and Twilight fans coming out in droves to support them. Kind of funny since Spike is supposed to be a channel for guys.

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