31 Days of Halloween- Day 18: Don’t Answer the Phone

I decided to take this week and clean out my Tivo. I have a lot of things I’ve randomly decided to record and stuff dear Tivo has nicely decided to suggest for me. Something I randomly decided to record because it was on IFC was Don’t Answer the Phone. It was rated only one star but I figured, “Hey, if it’s on IFC it’s gotta be interesting…right? errrr right!?” Nope. As day one in cleaning out Mr. Tivo begins, my pain began with this muscle head slasher flick.

A weight-lifting rapist killer goes out and well…rapes and kills women. He has an obsession with a psychologist with her own call-in radio show so he likes calling her and dishing out the details of his sexual hang-ups (this is where the phone part comes in from the title, wa wa) 

This movie wasn’t quite doin’ it for me. I know for the time this movie took place, it may have induced fear into people that such a psycho could attack every day women but for me watching this 20 years after it was made annoyed me. The female victims bitched out too quickly for my liking. They barely put up a fight! They whined, slapped the dude around a touch then died right away. Weak sauce! It made me want to punch myself in the crotch. 

Don’t Answer the Phone made me want to Press the Stop Button but I made it through and feel like I can take on the world were I up against that meat head. 

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