31 Days of Halloween- Day 17: Popcorn


Scanning for something to watch, I came across Popcorn on Netflix Watch Instantly. I thought it would be a great way to relive my 24 hour horror marathon from last weekend (I’ll do the recap for that super soon) so Popcorn was my choice of the day.

Maggie, a film student, has reoccurring nightmares about a crazy bearded man. She sees this as inspiration for a future screenplay, woot.


 Meanwhile her fellow filmmakers organize a 24 horror B-movie marathon to raise money to save the film department. The crew stumble upon a film called The Possessor which caused a big stir back in the day. Maggie reconigizes images from the film as the same ones in her nightmares. Dun dun dunnnn. Going on with the fest, the students carry on their popcorn fun and William Castle-esque gimmicks up until a killer starts targeting them, aiming for Maggie as his final kill. 

I think Popcorn is an underrated gem lingering after the 80’s slasher genre but I find it still to have some lasting love within us hardcore horror fans that have seen this fun flick and heart it. 

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