31 Days of Halloween- Day 16: The Blob (1958)

As I write this post about the original The Blob, I’m currently rocking out to the theme song playing in my head and I’m fighting the urge to throw my laptop to the side and just dance around.

Sorry, I had to share that with everyone. 

So this was the first time I viewed this classic original to one of my favorite remakes, The Blob *insert echo here* 

I had a little trouble with this at first, not just because it’s dated but because I always have issues going along with tokin’ old people playing teenagers. Well, I broke through my problems and was able to give this flick a fair shot. 

Two teens see a meteorite crash and want to check it out. It turns out to be this man-eating blob thingy that’s growing bigger by the meal. The teens must warn the town folk and try to destroy it before it nom noms everyone.


I’m a loyal lover to the 80’s version because it was my first Blob movie and because it freaked me out as a kid. The original does hold the template for that so I have to give it a lot of credit. It wasn’t scary and it did have some cheese factor but I was entertained and enjoyed this one. Also, I might have to put the theme song on my Ipod. 

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