Friday Film Recommendations: Oct 15th

Happy Friday All! 

Time for another mix bag awesome selections and everything in between. So here goes it….


An opera singer is being stalked by a fan who wants to kill the people in her life. And the twisted part is….he makes her watch him kill them by using interesting devices. Another one of Argento’s awesome films. 


A loner prep school kid likes to roam around the halls with his video camera. One day he accidentally captures footage of two of his classmates overdosing. The footage causes an emotional stir within the school community making them cope in different ways.

This film takes an interesting view into voyeurism and though it’s a slow burning film, it’s subtly fucked up. 

Highway to Hell

A very cheesy gem from a time when my younger self used to stay up late watching nonsensical horror movies.

Chad Lowe and Kristy Swanson are a couple on their way to Vegas to get married. Awww. After taking a short cut they find that they are being chased down by a road cop from hell. He kidnaps Kristy and take her to hell and Chad has to go chase after her…in hell.

The Devil’s Backbone

After arriving at a school for orphans, young Carlos adjusts to his surrounds of bullies and a ghost reaching out to him for help.

This film completely freaked me out when I first saw it but when things unraveled in the end, I felt all better and stuff but still… ghost kid…way effin’ freaky! 

Hoarders: Season 1

If you want to see something REALLY scary, check out the tv show Hoarders. Several times this show has inspired me to clean my semi-messy apartment just so I don’t accidentally end up like these people. It fascinates me that people can live this way and with like dead animals buried under their shit and shit. Be prepared to be completely horrified!


A guy gets bit by a wolf, he turns into a werewolf, shit gets real! Oh yeah and the guy is Jack Nicholson! 

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Killer Pad

A bunch of dudes think they are getting a killer deal (hehe) on an awesome place but they shortly find out that it’s dun dun dunnnnnn haunted! This little fun flick is directed by Robert Englund. 

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Have a great weekend all!

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