31 Days of Halloween- Day 14: Vault of Horror

As I occasionally and frequently mention, I totally have a thing for anthology movies, so here’s my first for this month.

The Vault of Horror tells the tale of 5 men trapped in a basement together. They pass the time by sharing visions and reoccurring dreams of their demises. (Hmmm do you see where this is going?)

The stories entail vampires, an uppity husband and his submissive wife, Indian magic/trickery, an insurance scam and voodoo-esque paintings.
From something coming out of the British 70’s, I was expecting this to be a little cheesy and well, it was but the over the top deaths were gruesomely awesome.

The Vault of Horror is not as scary or memorable as other anthologies I’ve grown to love, but it does have some charm and it’s damn entertaining as well. Good times.

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