31 Days of Halloween- Day 13: Masters of Horror: Sounds Like

Tonight I watched my absolute favorite episode of Masters of Horror. 

From the intricate mind of director Brad Anderson (The Machinist and Session 9) this episode of MOH is about a man, Larry, whom recently lost his son and is dealing with it by delving into his job and any other distraction.

His pent up grief and guilt has triggered his hearing senses and amplified all sounds. 

Larry’s mental state is slowly slipping with every loud noise and minuscule sound. Larry finds himself looking for a perfect escape from everything and his own personal way to mourn his son. 

The thing I love most about this episode of MOH is that it isn’t a traditional horror story. Anderson brings on the familiar tones of a main character dealing with reality verses how they deal with things mentally. Larry was once a normal happy family guy but the loss of his son spun him into a noisy world that pushed him beyond the edge. 

Even though Larry reaches his breaking point and to say he snaps is so an understatement, the end of the episode ties together the solace that Larry is looking for even though the results were grim. 

Beautiful episode. 

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