Film Wise 505

Hello folks, it’s another week and another invisibles quiz!

Last week’s answers are HERE 

I got a pitiful 2/8 and I dishonored myself by not knowing what #2 was. Wa-wa. Out of the 8 films I’ve seen 5 of them so I should have done a little bit better.

On to this week which is HERE 

I got 5/8. 
I got #1 # 2, # 3, #5 and #6. I don’t know what #4 is, but it kinda looks really awesome. 

Ok folks, how did you do?

5 thoughts on “Film Wise 505

  1. 6 out 8

    #4 is not awesome when you find out what it is!!

    I'm stumped on #7 i was guessing everything from Sherlock Holmes, to Maverick to Glory. Hah terrible, terrible guesses. But WHAT IS IT!?!

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