31 Days of Halloween- Day Eight: I Sell The Dead

I Sell the Dead revolves around grave robber Arther Blake and his life in the business leading up to the moment before his execution. He tells his tale to a priest right after his mentor was executed the day before. Blake shares his experiences with the dead and the living dead.

Director and actor and everything else, Larry Fessenden adds a comedic flair to this horror movie which is also backed up by a great cast of: Dominic Monaghan, Ron Perlman and Angus Scrimm. 

Even though I think Fessenden looks like a hobo minus the stick with the handkerchief, his eccentric view shines well in his films, or at least the few I’ve seen.  Habit being my favorite, I think this might come in a strong second. 

This is a really great entertaining flick which could also been seen as a borderline zombie movie as well.  

And just a note everyone, I won’t have a post for tomorrow’s 31 days of Halloween for I will be attending a 24 hour horror marathon! I will be live tweeting the event so if you want to see what I’m watching and help keep me awake during the whole 24 hours, FOLLOW ME!

Once I recover I’ll post about the event and the movies I watched. 

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