Friday Film Recommendations: Oct 8th

Happy Friday all!

Time to get your streaming on with this week’s FFR! 

The Running Man

A framed man is forced to go on a Tv show where convicts run for freedom but have to deal with gladiator type bounty hunter killers  in their way.
I haven’t seen this spiffy sci-fi thriller in forever but it’s fun.

Blue Velvet

I don’t think I will every really “get” David Lynch’s work but I am completely utterly entranced when I watch his films.

In this film, a dude Jeffery gets mixed up with a lounge singer and her abusive pimpin’ man, played by the magical Dennis Hooper. I can see if anything, he’s the main reason why anyone should check this out if you haven’t already. He’s fantasic!

Survival of the Dead

Ok ya’ll. So yes I’ve seen it and yeah… it’s a little bit bad but I’m recommendating this to anyone who hasn’t seen it and didn’t want to because they weren’t going to spend the money on it. Well, lookit, it’s free now. It’s worth checking out just to have your fill of the whole Romero series but yeah, a lot of stuff in this movie didn’t make sense to me and the CGI is ….well… you’ll see. Haha.

Don’t Look Now

A couple loses their daughther and while trying to go on with their lives, they think they see her or her ghost running around town.

So I just saw this film last year and I knew about it from Bravo’s Scariest Moments list but I had to watch the whole thing for myself.
The film is very dark all up until the end scene. I don’t know why it ended on such a comical note but I think it’s effin great and hilarious!

Beakman’s World

Thanks to my friend Angelle at My Own Little Corner for letting me know this was avaiable. So I think science is awesome so this show was awesome but as a bonus I was kinda feeling Beakman for a while so he was the main reason why I watched this show. Science + eye candy= Fuck yeah!

Ahem, ignore the thing that say “ages 8-12” 

Exorcism of Emily Rose
A priest is on trial for the murder of Emily Rose. She died during an exorcism and the story is about the law’s view on what he did and also Emily’s story about her struggle of fighting the demon within her.   
The thing I really enjoyed about this movie was not only Jennifer Carpenter’s freaky ass physical performance but the law aspect on killing a person while performing a exorcism on them.
See No Evil
I never understood why so many horror fan boys loved wrestling. It’s like a weird combo that meshes so well together like peanut butter and jelly.
 Well, anyway, in this little number it’s a typical slasher film where a killer dude chases after teens. Only this dude is played by a fancy wrestler so yeah boys enjoy. 
Have a great weekend everyone and if you’re bored follow me on Twitter while I attend a 24 hour horror marathon Saturday noon to Sunday at noon! 

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