31 Days of Halloween- Day Seven: Frailty

Every now and then my dad likes indulge in some crazy talk. He likes to make up things like how he used to walk 10 miles in the snow to get to school every day (he grew up in Central America) or that one time he invented electricity. Oh dad, you so crazy. But thankful it never got as far as him telling us kids that God talked to him and told to him to go off and kill demons posing as people.  

In Frailty, a single father (Bill Paxon) is a simple man just trying to get by raising his kids right. One day he believes that God spoke to him and is guiding him to destroy demons that look like every day people. 

His two kids, Fenton and Adam get mixed up in his crazy ventures and Fenton is convinced that his father is beyond insane and his brother Adam is slowly following in his path. 

The film starts off as an older Fenton confessing to an FBI agent about his family’s involvement in the “God’s Hand” killer case. Fenton relives the nightmare he had to deal with while his father killed people in front of him and his brother. 

The concept of this film and the ending blew my mind after I watched it for the first time. I had to struggle with the unfolding at the end and the views of the father and his kids. The father truly believed that God was giving him a hall pass to kill and it was for the right of the world and his son Adam idolized his dad so he wanted to believe him and be him. It was Fenton who kept it real and knew what his dad was doing was wrong and he didn’t care if there were a God or demon. It was all just bullshit to him.  

Love, loyalty and faith is tested regardless of what they all believed and viewing it, you wonder if everyone is crazy or maybe hmmm maybe there are demons roaming around in people outfits. 


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