31 Days of Halloween- Day Four: Dario Argento’s Trauma

I give a big thanks to my boyfriend TiVo for picking this up for me via The Movie Channel. Much love! 

Well ladies and gents, I would like to present to you my very first Argento film. That’s right, I was getting all ready to watch this then remembering that I was around 15 when I first saw this and I do believe this was my first Dario exposure. Ah, good times. 

So this dude David comes across a girl, Aura, (Asia Argento) on a bridge looking like she wants to jump. He stops her from doing it and finds out that she’s troubled with weird parents that want to stick her in a special clinic. 

She returns to her freaky folks (Piper Laurie reprise her role as “scary ass unbalanced mother”) for a night before they send her back to the hospital. That very night a killer that likes to collect heads, kill her parents. 

David comes back into the picture to help Aura find out who killed her parents. Like any Argento film, it’s a big mystery until the kick-ass unfolding at the end. 

I remember when I saw this almost 15 years ago (holy crap, I’m old!) this film super freaked me out! And back then the only thing that freaked me out back then was my parents finding out that I was smoking. Revisiting this film, eh, it’s still pretty creepy but overall I thought some stuff was kind of funny too. As far as all the decapitation scenes go, one had a talking head in it and it took me back to my favorite movie Curdled

So I’m glad I got to see this again and I’m glad that this was my first Argento film because it’s not as balls out crazy as most of them so it was a great introduction to his fantastic, twisted and bloody red goodness work. 

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