31 Days of Halloween- Day Three: The Collector

Last year I decided to go see this movie at the theaters. I didn’t know much about it but I was going through some down times and though going to a bloody good show would be good for me. 

Well before the movie started some skeezer decided to hit on me and I wasn’t having it. During the entire movie in between him yelling at the screen, he would “pssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttttt” at me the whole effin’ time. So folks, I didn’t quite enjoy this movie when I saw it. 

Today I gave this movie another go all while being alone in my apartment and thankfully I got to enjoy the movie a lot more. 

An ex-con is in desperate need to pay off some debts so he plans to break into a rich family’s home to get to their valuable safe. While in their home, he thinks the family is away on vacation but learns that they are there being held captive by a sadistic psycho. 

This movie is better described as a Home Alone meets Saw. The killer has rigged up the house with intricate death traps so no one inside can escape. For me I was more interested in seeing those activated then following the story of the ex con wanting to save the family. 

The killer is an unknown masked man. I love the intrigue of him because we don’t really know what his true reason behind hunting these people and making “collections” but that’s what I enjoyed about this movie. 

I like that he’s a mystery and beyond fucked up. He’s skillful and ninja-like all for the sake of bloody carnage. 

I don’t quite get the point of it all but I like that I didn’t. This movie is a nice time filler with tons of blood and tension to boot. I’m glad I got to give this one another chance without the “pfft”s in the way. 

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