31 Days of Halloween- Day Two: How to Make a Monster

Pete is an awesome monster make-up artist who loves his job at a film studio. Once the studio is taken over by new bosses, Pete gets the boot. He becomes bitter and grrrr-like and decides to create man-made monsters using hypnotic make-up and unknowing actors to get his revenge. 
Pete gets them to kill off the bosses then he wipes their memories clean. Once the cops and the actors catch on, Pete loses his shit and his mind blurs reality and the monster movies he spent his life working on. 

I randomly recorded this 1958 film because the title intrigued me. Though it’s a fairly simplistic film, I enjoy the intensity in Pete’s character. He’s deranged but yet passionate about saving the studio from people who don’t appreciate all the hard work he put into creating monsters. The things he’s created were his children. He breathed life into everything he made so his character was more sad to me than bat-shit crazy. 

I found this film to be enjoyable for something that was set in a time where these kind of monster movies were slowing fading out of the big feature light and it also has a nice interesting touch by making the last scenes of the film switch from black and white to color. It was almost as if the audience was forced to deal with the changes that were being made in cinema at the time. Good stuff. 

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